Life as a Teacher

Have you ever been pressed between a “rock and a hard place?” what did you do? Did you think that the whole world was on your shoulders and that everybody had deserted you? How did you bounce back onto your feet and dust the dirt and find guts to look life in the face and solder on?

You will agree with me that every time things go wrong, you have two options: succumb to the situation, or you bounce back stronger, sharper and experienced than when you got into that situation.

Life’s Greatest Teacher

Congratulations on your failure! Strange, don’t you think? Now, failure can be demoralising sometimes. But come to think about it, is a failure a bad thing as it seems? Some of the world’s greatest people have failed in their lives but did that make them losers.

Richard Branson once said, “I’ve learnt more from my failures than from my success.” Failing at something means that you gave it your best though you did not get the expected results and this offers you a chance to re-learn.

You have probably heard of this several times that you are ever a failure if you fail to try. Are you afraid of trying something new for fear of failure? Or are you worried what others will say about your failure? The truth is a failure is the best teacher you can ever have. It teaches you a life lesson that you will never forget.

Important Lessons

Some of the life’s greatest lessons are learnt from failure. A failed relationship, poor money management, a failed health or even family, these are life’s best teachers.

You are not the first one to make a mistake, even that great icon you admire in your life at some point in his/her life once failed. It is through that error that you will learn and grow and become that great person you have ever dreamed of being.

What makes failure a great teacher is that it gives you the confidence to try again but this time round you are more experienced. It is what you do after the mistake that makes the difference.

Donald Trump, the current president of the US once found himself in a $900million debt. But currently, he is one of the richest men in the world and a successful businessman.

You might not have failed that big but come to think of it, if Trump could have stayed down from this fall, could he have made it this far in his life? He learnt his lesson and acted accordingly. You can also bounce back and make it in life.

Learning from a fall can help you make it far and lead a successful life. Life in itself is a great teacher, open your eyes wide open, and you will learn.

Parting Shot

If you have never failed in your life, then you can be sure you have never tried anything new. Just like an athlete if he fails to train his muscles they become weaker by day, by fearing to try you are crippling yourself.

Get out of that cocoon you call your comfort zone, try something new, fail, learn and grow.

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