Required Standards for Accreditation

Course Conditions

>>All online courses should be outlined clear and easy to understand learning goals and course objectives.

>>All learning objectives are presented in a logical order.

>>All content and practice exercises in each course are faithful to that course’s learning goals and objectives.

>>Each assessment of ability or knowledge either during a course or on completion adequately judges students achievement for that stage and the results are clearly shown.

Eligibility requirements

>>The provider is financially stable and has sufficient cash flow to support its operations.

>>The provider follows ethical standards in its operations and uses a name that is not associated with any activity that can negatively impact IAP reputation.

>>The provider exercises non-discrimination in its treatment of learners and staff.

>>The provider maintains and provides access to resources that appropriately support the courses it offers.

Before the Accreditation

Application Form Completion You can download an application form on the page of the corresponding accreditation service you have chosen.

Registration Once you have submitted your application, we will process it and give you an invoice. Give us at least (insert number of days here) to review your course and provide you a feedback.

Validation & Accreditation When you get a feedback from us, be sure to address the areas that need improvement.

Verification You will receive an email with your login details to access the Providers Area.

Final Approval If the Quality and Standards criteria are met, you will gain the IAP accreditation seal. 2 Optional

After the Accreditation

Learners’ Registration For you and for us to easily keep track, register the names and other details of your learners on iAP website right after enrolment.

Quality Assurance

QA is done by online (virtual) QA system.

Course Completion Certification Once a course has been certified by us, we will provide certificates to successful students who have completed the accredited training course.

Notes to help you with completing the form

If you find that a field is not applicable to your organisation, please add N/A.

Under “Total number of courses/units seeking accreditation approval” it is important you provide the exact number since that will be the reference for your payment and the courses that will be evaluated by iAP.

You will find in the corresponding fields the facility to upload any documents required.

For any support you need during the accreditation process, you can contact the personal agent that was assigned to you directly.

If you need any assistance or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact us directly!

how can we help you?

Contact us at the iAP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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Donald Simpson
Chief Financial Officer, Jamaica International